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Should I collect NFTs?
Please always do your own research and calmly assess if collecting NFTs is right for you and your own particular situation.
Inform yourself as much as possible before attempting to collect any item for sale on NFTKEY.
Be aware that collections and their individual NFTs can at any time experience lose of interest from community members and their collectors.
The ability to perform a peer-2-peer transaction for an equal, less or more amount of coin you've put in could be at risk of not eventuating, based on a lack of demand for an item you've collected.
Some teams or individuals who have created collections may also abruptly decide to change their metadata or underlying characteristics of their collection, so please be aware of this uncertainty.
Socially propagated fear, uncertainty and doubt can also tarnish, taint and decay the reputation of a collection, community and creator, so please be aware of the rollercoaster ride your NFT item gives you access to.
Learn of the underlying risks that any collectible item can come with and understand that many projects are very experimental and are not guaranteed to be a success. Becoming involved with the community of a collection is the best way to stay informed of all the volatile movements that can arise within an NFT collection. Stay safe and savvy.
Last modified 1yr ago